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Diono car seats, Convertible boosters, storage solutions, stroller and travel accessories consistently earn high ratings from industry experts and families worldwide. Our product designs combine safety, convenience and style.

Since our company started Diono has worked to solve the real everyday worries and hassles parents face. Our first product idea was born from a family discussion on a documentary demonstrating the consequences of improperly secured car seats in collisions. Within the year family members had created a prototype that would come to be known as Mighty-Tite® — the world’s first and only seatbelt tightener designed for ease of use and peace of mind.

  • Diono Olympia Convertible + Booster Seat (shadow) - Meets NZS 1754
    NZ$449.00 NZ$408.99
  • Diono Radian R100 Convertible Booster Car Seat (twilight)
    NZ$449.00 NZ$408.99
  • Diono Radian / Rainier / Olympia Car Seat Angle Adjuster
    NZ$29.99 NZ$27.99
  • Diono Ultra Mat Seat Saver
    NZ$69.99 NZ$65.99
  • Diono Bag It
    NZ$9.99 NZ$8.99
  • Diono Buggy Tech Tote
    NZ$49.99 NZ$46.99
  • Diono Cool Shades (pair)
    NZ$14.99 NZ$12.99
  • Diono Easy View Mirror
    NZ$34.99 NZ$29.99
  • Diono Easy View Plus Mirror
    NZ$54.99 NZ$49.99
  • Diono Grip It Car Seat Protector
    NZ$39.99 NZ$34.99
  • Diono Lock Tite Harness Clip
    NZ$14.99 NZ$12.99
  • Diono Pop Up Trash Bin
    NZ$19.99 NZ$17.99
  • Diono Radian / Rainier Cup Caddy
    NZ$22.99 NZ$19.99
  • Diono Radian / Rainier Travel Bag
    NZ$74.99 NZ$69.99
  • Diono See Me Too
    NZ$27.99 NZ$23.99
  • Diono Sit Rite
    NZ$17.99 NZ$14.99
  • Diono Stow & Go
    NZ$29.99 NZ$21.99
  • Diono Stroller Lock
    NZ$29.99 NZ$26.99
  • Diono Stuff 'n Scuff
    NZ$23.99 NZ$19.99
  • Diono Super Lock Locking Clip
    NZ$8.99 NZ$7.99
  • Diono Super Mat Seat Saver
    NZ$39.99 NZ$36.99
  • Diono Sure Steps
    NZ$19.99 NZ$16.99
  • Diono Trio Cup Holder
    NZ$29.99 NZ$26.99
  • Diono Ultra Dry Seat
    NZ$34.99 NZ$31.99
  • Diono Warm 'n Go
    NZ$24.99 NZ$21.99