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Hape Toys is one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape toys are both creatively designed and eco-friendly. Neither culture, nor language, nor gender inhibits the intuitive process of play. All of the products meet, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety. But behind the innovative designs and meticulous quality lies the even stronger ethos of Hape.

From the beginning of the design process, through production and delivery, to the final unwrapping of the consumer packaging, Hape toys are a collaboration of global thinking and responsible ecology.

  • Hape Jungle Adventure Railway Table
    NZ$129.99 NZ$94.99
  • Hape Beat Box Set
    NZ$69.99 NZ$54.99
  • Hape Rotating Music Box
    NZ$25.99 NZ$19.99
  • Hape Pound and Tap Bench
    NZ$49.99 NZ$37.99
  • Hape High Seas Rocker
    NZ$169.99 NZ$129.99
  • Hape 2 - in - 1 Kitchen And Grill Set
    NZ$59.99 NZ$44.99
  • Hape ABC Blocks
    NZ$34.99 NZ$29.99
  • Hape ABC Magnetic Letters
    NZ$21.99 NZ$17.99
  • Hape ABC Matching Puzzle
    NZ$23.99 NZ$19.99
  • Hape All Season House (furnished)
    NZ$289.99 NZ$197.99
  • Hape All Terrain Adventure Puzzle
    NZ$29.99 NZ$24.99
  • Hape Baby High Chair
    NZ$59.99 NZ$46.99
  • Hape Baby Stroller
    NZ$79.99 NZ$48.99
  • Hape Balance Bike
    NZ$139.99 NZ$109.99
  • Hape Battery Powered Engine No1
    NZ$22.99 NZ$19.99
  • Hape Battery Powered Rolling stock Set
    NZ$39.99 NZ$34.99
  • Hape Block n Roll Cart
    NZ$109.99 NZ$87.99
  • Hape Build A Bug Puzzle
    NZ$25.99 NZ$21.99
  • Hape Build Up And Away Blocks 100pcs
    NZ$49.99 NZ$36.99
  • Hape Busy City Play Set
    NZ$27.99 NZ$22.99
  • Hape Cash Register
    NZ$52.99 NZ$39.99
  • Hape Changing Table
    NZ$79.99 NZ$59.99
  • Hape Chef's Cooking Set
    NZ$35.99 NZ$29.99
  • Hape Chunky Alphabet Puzzle
    NZ$25.99 NZ$19.99
  • Hape Cook And Serve Set
    NZ$46.99 NZ$38.99
  • Hape Country Critters Play Cube
    NZ$199.99 NZ$159.99
  • Hape Doctor On Call
    NZ$34.99 NZ$28.99
  • Hape Doll Family Mansion
    NZ$299.99 NZ$249.99
  • Hape Double Rainbow Stacker
    NZ$29.99 NZ$25.99
  • Hape Elephant
    NZ$13.99 NZ$11.99
  • Hape Fantasia Blocks Castle
    NZ$39.99 NZ$34.99
  • Hape Fire Truck
    NZ$49.99 NZ$44.99
  • Hape Four Stage Rocket Ship
    NZ$139.99 NZ$99.99
  • Hape Giraffe
    NZ$13.99 NZ$11.99
  • Hape Gourmet Expresso Kitchen
    NZ$249.99 NZ$199.99
  • Hape Gourmet Kitchen - White
    NZ$209.99 NZ$159.99
  • Hape Grand City Station
    NZ$179.99 NZ$139.99
  • Hape Jungle Animal Block Puzzle
    NZ$19.99 NZ$16.99
  • Hape Massive Mountain Mine ( 2 Level )
    NZ$129.99 NZ$109.99
  • Hape Master Workbench
    NZ$169.99 NZ$119.99
  • Hape Mega Mountain Mine
    NZ$199.99 NZ$159.99
  • Hape Mighty Echo Microphone
    NZ$13.99 NZ$10.99
  • Hape Mighty Mixer
    NZ$46.99 NZ$39.99
  • Hape Mighty Mountain Mine
    NZ$299.99 NZ$259.99
  • Hape Mining Loader Set
    NZ$89.99 NZ$74.99
  • Hape Mix And Bake Blender
    NZ$49.99 NZ$42.99
  • Hape My Coffee Maker
    NZ$47.99 NZ$39.99
  • Hape My First Fix It Tool Box
    NZ$39.99 NZ$34.99
  • Hape Park and Go Garage
    NZ$99.99 NZ$79.99
  • Hape Rainbow Xylophone
    NZ$32.99 NZ$27.99
  • Hape Rock a Bye Baby Cradle
    NZ$79.99 NZ$49.99
  • Hape Scoot Around Four Wheel Bicycle
    NZ$109.00 NZ$96.99
  • Hape Shopping Cart
    NZ$99.99 NZ$79.99
  • Hape Street Surfer Scooter
    NZ$129.99 NZ$99.99
  • Hape Sturdy Rider Trike
    NZ$149.99 NZ$124.99
  • Hape Sushi Selection
    NZ$34.99 NZ$29.99
  • Hape Take - along Activity Box
    NZ$54.99 NZ$47.99
  • Hape Tea Set for Two
    NZ$39.99 NZ$34.99
  • Hape Underwater Escape  Puzzle
    NZ$29.99 NZ$24.99
  • Hape Viking Castle
    NZ$144.99 NZ$124.99
  • Hape Walk-a-Long Puppy
    NZ$34.99 NZ$29.99
  • Hape Wonder Wagon
    NZ$169.99 NZ$139.99
  • Hape Wonder Walker
    NZ$189.99 NZ$129.99