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Childcare Flexi Gate

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20.00 KGS
Meets NZS 1754
Meets AS/NZS 2088:2013 Mandatory Standard
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Product Description

The ChildcareFlexi Gate provides maximum safety for use in any extra wide or odd shaped area. All joints rotate, setting individual sections to the ideal angle, and then easily lock into place for a secure attachment.


  • Magnet Lock Technology - The unique handle design on the extra wide door applies magnet lock technology, a dual magnet design that automatically locks the door closed
  • Hold Open Feature - The Flexi Gate also employs a hold open feature that suspends the auto close feature until the door is pushed closed
  • The original 3 piece Flexi Gate will fit a maximum opening of 2170 mm
  • Additional 655 mm sections can be purchased to add to the Flexi Gate to fit a desired length or to make a free-standing enclosure


  • Age SuitabilityBirth - 24 months
  • Carton Weight9.95 kgs
  • Hardgood MaterialMetal
  • Weight7.79 kgs

Safety Gate
There are many different types of child safe-proofing for your house, safety gates will defiantly help keep your child from dangerous places and objects in the house. These gates come in various open/close mechanics, heights and with extensions, they are sure to fit any doorway or walkways, keeping your child (or even pet) from spaces you don’t want them in.

Safety Gates are the safest way of ensuring you child is protected from stairs, open fires or anything that can harm your child. As it comes with a heat resistant finish it can also be used as a Fire surround to protect children from Wood heaters, gas heaters, gas log fires and BBQ’s. With a full opening gate section which opens in both directions it makes it easy to take the child out if used as a play pen. You can also obtain extensions so you can make it the size that you require.



  • Choose a hardware, wall-mounted gate to block off high risk areas like stairs, as gates arenot secure enough
  • Check that spaces between the bars are between 50 mm and 95 mm to avoid trapping a baby’s head.
  • Some hardware-mounted gates can form angles to cover odd-shaped areas like hot tubs and fireplaces.
  • When choosing a safety gate, consider whether you may need the convenience and safety of being able to open the gate with one hand.
  • Do not buy the older crisscross diamond-shaped accordion gates, which have been known to trap babies’ heads and clothing.
  • Pet gates are not a suitable substitute for child safety gates, as they are not secure enough or designed for use with infants or toddlers.


  • Ensure the gate is securely attached to prevent it unhinging or falling off completely and causing injury to a child.
  • Never step over a safety gate while carrying a child in case you trip over and cause the child to fall, potentially injuring both you and the child.
  • Avoid gates that have a fixed horizontal bar at the bottom so the gate doesn't become a tripping hazard when opened.

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