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NapUp Child Car Seat Head Support Teal

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Product Description

NapUp is the first solution to safely, comfortably support your child’s head when they sleep in their car seat

Created by a team of top designers, orthopedists, engineers and parents, the NapUp child car seat head support is designed to keeps your child’s head upright while they sleep, letting you focus on the road and feel secure knowing your little one is safe and comfortable.

The NapUp is made of two parts: the head support that attaches to the car seat and the head strap that connects to it. The head support can be attached once and then left on the car seat or high back booster. The forehead strap is connected with Velcro, so it can be made bigger or smaller to accommodate any size head and to fit your child as they grow.

When your young one is awake, the head strap can be moved up, out of the way of their head. When they falls asleep, just push the forehead strap down with 2 fingers, or they can pull it down by themselves. The forehead strap is designed to leave about 1 inch of room between the fabric and the child’s head, allowing for safety and freedom of movement.

As the only head support device tested and proven to pass multiple crash tests for head, chest and neck safety, NapUp is fully compliant with US, European and Canadian safety standards. NapUp passes rigorous standards including US – FMVSS 213, US – NPRM 213 (US Side-Impact) and EU – ECER44. The pillow and strap materials are also made with high quality OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and are flame retardant.

The fabric is made from advanced “no sweat” materials and is machine washable on the delicate cycle.

Features and Benefits

  • Keeps your child’s head comfortably and safely up as they sleep in their booster seat
  • Created by a team of top designers, orthopedists, engineers and parents
  • Forehead strap can be moved up when child is awake and down when child is asleep
  • Passes multiple US, EU and Canadian crash test standards for head, chest and neck safety
  • Nonrestrictive forehead strap is designed to leave 1” room between fabric and child’s head


The NapUp has been tested with crash tests on various leading car seats, including  Maxi-Cosi, Britax, Graco, Evenflo, Safety 1st and Cosco.

Every test they have found that the Nap Up did not affect the performance of the Car Seat in the crash test or the safety of the Child.

What happens during an accident, when using NapUp

In the unfortunate situation of an accident, NapUp's forehead strap automatically detaches and allows for the natural movement of the head, so the use of NapUp does not restrict the head in any way.  Furthermore, it is important to note that NapUp does not alter the way a car seat or high back booster performs in an accident.

Can I use NapUp on an infant seat?

The product is NOT suitable for use on an infant seat.  It was developed for front facing car seats and High-back boosters.

What if my child does not like using it?

Most probably if your child says they do not like using it, it hasn't been installed or fitted correctly.  In all the tests and from the feedback received from many users, once NapUp was properly installed and adjusted to the specific child, the children loved it!

Does the child sweat when using NapUp

We have been very strict in choosing high quality materials for NapUp.  NapUp is made of "no sweat" materials (OEKO-TEX Standard), much like workout clothes, and uses a special technology to create "air flow" panels for maximum air circulation, in order to prevent the child from sweating


Product Videos

NapUp Child Car Seat Head Support - A Comfortable Safe Sleep Solution 01:29

WEBSITE: - Allows Kids To Sleep Comfortably And Securely In The Car. follow us on facebook: Buy it on amazon: "NO MORE "BOBBING HEADS" – NapUp head support solution stops your child’s head from falling forward when they are asleep on the go, keeping their heads secure. NapUp is made of two parts, the headrest that is attached to the car seat and a head strap which connects to it. When the child is awake, the head strap is moved up above the child's head without disturbing them. When the toddler falls asleep the head strap is lowered to the forehead, with a gap of up to 1" between the forehead and strap.

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