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Sleepytot Bunny Large - Grey

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6.00 KGS
Meets NZS 1754
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Product Description

Sleepytot’s award winning baby comforters have little velcro paws which can hold onto dummies, soothers or teethers.

Approx size:

  • Large : w22cm by h25cm


Sleepytots increase sleep and will be baby’s (and parents’!) new best friend. Soft, safe, snuggly and stress-free. Sleepytots have won several awards for their success as Sleep Aids.

Unique to New Zealand, Sleepytots hold on to pacifiers (dummies/soothers) with distinctive Velcro paw technology. Sleepytots are even suitable from birth** because they can safely cling to the sides of the cot putting worried parents’ minds at ease. Sleepytots eliminate the dreaded ‘dummy run’, prevent late night toy hunts after being thrown from the cot and allow everyone in the household to get more sleep.

They are endorsed by several well known sleep consultants in NZ including Emma Purdue, Baby Sleep Consultant and expert consultant for Treasures Magazine, and Dorothy Waide, expert baby sleep consultant for Oh Baby! Magazine.


  • Provides comfort from birth as visual ‘friend’ (paws come apart and can safely cling to cot with Velcro)
  • Safe dummy holding option for young babies (by using cot cling technology)
  • Provides easy storage for spare dummies (no more lost dummies!)
  • Small enough to use on the go and easily fit into a standard hand bag.
  • Perfect first snuggle pet (once baby can manoeuvre safely around soft toy usually around 5-6 months).
  • Can absorb mum’s scent easily. (We recommend spending a night with Sleepytot before giving it to baby to increase bond).
  • Easy clean – Sleepytots are washable and very quick-drying.
  • Versatile velcro paws can also grasp teething rings and other baby accessories.
  • Perfect gift for all new parents.
  • They are a Sleep Aid and a Soft Toy. Giving up the dummy is made much easier with Sleepytot as your toddler will always have their cherished bunny to love and cuddle.
  • Soft furry plush fabric make Sleepytots infinitely Snuggleable.
  • EN71 safety approved.
  • Available in small and large in different colours.
  • Sleepytots are Winners! – Multiple Awards including most recently winning Gold as Best Comforter 2014 in the prestigious Loved By Parents Awards in the UK.
  • Sleepytots are endorsed locally by Baby Sleep Consultant Emma Purdue (Little Treasures Magazine sleep adviser), expert nanny and sleep consultant Dorothy Waide (Oh Baby! Magazine sleep adviser) and by Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic (UK).
  • For newborns, the sleepytot provides safe comfort by clinging to the side of the cot with its velcro paws. Older babies are comforted with cuddles with their Sleepytot and the knowledge that their dummy is never far away. Young children also love being able to find their own soothers in the middle of the night.

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