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ECE R44-04

The orange ECE R44 approval label guarantees that the car seat complies with the basic safety requirements as set out in the European safety standard ECE R44. The orange label can also indicate that the car seat complies with the new i-Size safety standard and thereby guarantees an even better safety performance.

Deciphering the ECE R44 approval label

  1. Your seat meets the European Safety Standard. Note the last two digits: these should end in 04 (latest version) or 03.
  2. For ECE R44-04 or ECE R44-03, there are 3 types of car seat approval: universal, semi-universal and vehicle specific. ‘Universal’ means your seat is approved for installation in all cars, although you should check that the seat fits really well in your car. See below article on ‘Type Labelling’.
  3. Approval for weight (group). If a letter Y is added here, it means that the child seat features a 5-point harness system with crotch strap.
  4. European approval indicator.
  5. Indicates the country in which the approval was obtained: 1 for Germany, 2 for France, 3 for Italy, 4 for the Netherlands.
  6. Approval number. The first two numbers (04) show to which version the child seat has been approved, in this case ECE R44-04.
  7. Unique number allocated to your specific seat for testing and tracking.
  8. Production details: week and year, in this case week 7, 2006.
  9. Manufacturer article reference number
  10. EAN code
  11. BAR code
  12. Name of product manufacturer